Feb, 8

Added custom theme chooser Added credits page Fixed absolute paths to help prevent bugs when forking Updated bookmarklets.html Fixed game and review loading errors

Feb, 7

Added more CDN servers

Feb, 6

Updated Eaglercraft 1.5.2

Feb, 5

Updated Eaglercraft 1.8 Updated Resent client Added Resent Client 1.8 Added reviews Added Astray Added Align 4 Added Basket Random Added Drift Hunters Added A Dance of Fire and Ice

Feb, 4

V4 has dropped! We hope you enjoy!

v4 update

Jan, 12

Added Fair Squares Added Shot in the Dark Added Neon Square Resurgence Cartoon Network Table Tennis Ultimate Added Big Neon Tower Tiny Square Small UI improvements

Jan, 11

Fixed Escaping the prison by Piplup!

Jan, 10

Updated some photos

Jan, 7

Added Mine Blocks Added Five Nights at Winston's Added Champion Island

Jan, 6

Added Merge Round Racers

Jan, 5

Added Santy is Home Added WebGL Fluid Sim Added more reviews

Jan, 4, 2023

It is now 2023! Woohoo!

Added documentation to scripts with ChatGPT Added the site script to all games

Dec, 31

Happy New Year's Eve!!!

Added Adventure Drivers

Dec, 30

Added Aquapark Slides Added Added Added Shellshockers

Dec, 29

Added Knife Master Added Pixel Gun Survival

Dec, 28

Added Boxing Random Added more reviews

Dec, 27

Added Stick Duel Battle Added Sky Car Stunt

Dec, 26

Added Bitlife Added Angry Sharks

Dec, 25

Added Noob Steve Parkour Added Handshakes Fix game number count Added more splash texts

Dec, 24

Added lazy loading to the review images Added more reviews Added more splash texts

Dec, 23

Added Tiny Fishing Fixed a error with the main site saying it is out of date

Dec, 22

Added Hungry Lamu

Dec, 21

Added Stick Archers

Dec, 20

Added Stick Merge

Dec, 19

Added Basketbros Added a update checker Added more reviews

Dec, 18

Added Subway Surfers New York Added AlienHub banner Re-did splash text array

Dec, 17

Added Google Feud Added Ballistic Chickens Moved our Discord intergration with Widget Bot from Beta to Public!

Dec, 12

Added Bob the Robber 2 Added Win the Whitehouse Added The Hotel

Dec, 11

Added Amidst the sky Added Soccer Skills Euro Cup Updated Retro Bowl from v1.4.9.3 to v1.5.5.7 Updated stats on homepage

Dec, 10

Added Eel Slap

Dec, 9

Added more reviews Fixed Zombs Royale (hopefully)

Dec, 8

Added more reviews

Dec, 6

Added MotoX3M 2

Dec, 4

Fixed Drive Mad

Dec, 3

Added Riddle School 1 Added Riddle School 2 Added Riddle School 3 Added Riddle School 4 Added Riddle School 5 Added Riddle School Transfer 1 Added Riddle School Transfer 2 Added Age of Conflict Added Slime Rush TD Added Jetpack Joyride Added Eaglercraft 1.8 Added My Rusty Submarine Added more splash texts

Dec, 2

Added Sushi unRoll Added Slope 2 Added more splash texts Update n-gon

Dec, 1

Updated Photos

Nov, 30

Added Ruffle Emulator Added more reviews

Nov, 29

Added Main.js To More Games

Nov, 28

Added Main.js To Some Games

Nov, 27

Added Soccer Random Added Just Fall Added Baldi's Basics Added Burger & Frights

Nov, 26

Added Stickman Boost Added Resent Client Added more reviews Updated Chrome Dino Game

Nov, 25

Sorry for the lack of updates, turkey day happened!

Added a note to learn to fly 2 Added more reviews

Nov, 20

Added discord invite widget to the main readme file Added workflow so that forks automatically update!

Nov, 19


Added Grey Box Testing Added Minecraft classic hacks Added Papa's Burgeria Added a calcuator Added Learn to fly 2 Added Cluster Rush

Nov, 18

Added ways on how to verify that I am real (the fact that this is needed is bonkers)

Nov, 16

Added Crossy Road Added Friday Night Funkin Added Vex 7 Added Contact page Fixed Bad Ice Cream 1, 2, and 3 Added more reviews Fix mobile redirects for

Nov, 14

Added more reviews

Nov, 13

Added Bad Ice Cream Added Bad Ice Cream 2 Added Bad Ice Cream 3 Added Generic Fishing Game Added Synesthesia Updated changlog for a mistake Updated Cookie Clicker to v2.048

Nov, 12

Thank you so much to Alex for getting to work!

Added Added Froggy's Battle Added Evolution Added Pop Cat classic Update site statistics Added more reviews Disable setting for new game notifications due to issues

Nov, 11

Changed how webretro loads roms Also added plenty more roms

Nov, 10

Added more reviews

Nov, 8

Submit your sounds for the soundboard here:

Added more sounds to the soundboard Upgrade control menu on soundboard Fixed bug with sound buttons being wonky with the controller

Nov, 7

Added more splash texts Added more reviews

Nov, 5

LAX1DUDE has announced that he is going to stop development on eaglercraft, sadge

Added Happy Hop Updated Eaglercraft for the last time

Nov, 4

Now with over 200 games! W

Added Cars Simulator Fixed error with Review image not loading Added more reviews

Nov, 3

Added Marvin Spectrum Added more splash texts

Nov, 2

Added Stickman Golf Added 10 minutes till dawn Added Alien Hominid Added Escaping the prison Make styles work better Added more reviews Fix 404 page styles not loading sometimes

Nov, 1

Bump dependencies

Oct, 31

Happy Halloween! *spooky skeleton*

Oct, 30

Added OvO Added Fancy Pants Adventures Added Kitchen gun game Added Tiny Islands

Oct, 29

Added Rolling Forests Added Waterworks!

Oct, 28

Added Flippy Fish Added Frying Nemo Added more reviews

Oct, 27

Added Offline Paradise Added Replit Deployment!

Oct, 24

Added more reviews

Oct, 23

Added Fire Boy and Water Girl Added Super Mario Construct Added Yoshi's Fabrication Station

Oct, 20

Added Doctor Acorn 2 Added Twitch Tetris Added quick access to site settings Improved the 404 page with more fun stats Removed the ip request on 404 page

Oct, 19

Added more reviews

Oct, 17

Added Sandboxels

Oct, 14

Fixed a bug

Oct, 13

Added Space Garden Added Rabbit Samurai Added Rabbit Samurai 2 Added more splash texts Added more reviews

Oct, 12

Added Dante Added SHUTTLEDECK Added Edge Lets surf Added Ninja vs Evil Corp Added Sleeping beauty Added Black hole square Added A Dark Room Added more splash texts

Oct, 11

Added xx142-b2exe

Oct, 10

Added more splash texts

Oct, 9

Added Dragons vs Bricks Added Gravity Soccer Added Go Ball Added Slope Ball Added X Trial Racing Added even more reviews (please keep it coming!)

Oct, 7

Removed fish client

Oct, 5

Added more splash texts

Oct, 4

Added Stickman boost Added more splash texts

Oct, 2

Added more splash texts

Oct, 1

Added 2048 Multitask Added Fish Hack Client (Eaglercraft) Added search bar to projects list Changed the reviews so they scrolled Remove #VoteForJude splash

Sep, 15

Added ext remover

Sep, 13

Added more splash texts Optimized all images

Sep, 10

Added Glass City Added Station 141 Added VELOCE Added Core Ball Added Protektor Added Drive Mad (kinda) Fixed error on about:blank embedder looking weird Added a review from food to homepage Fix issue #40

Sep, 9

Added Tactical Weapon Pack 2

Sep, 8


Sep, 7

Added 100ng Started the open beta for our discord in browser plugin!

Sep, 5

Added Random Reddit meme (going to make seperate repo for this soon) Added Om Nom Bounce

Aug, 29

Added Krunker Added Precision Client

Aug, 28

Updated site to v3

May, 23

Added Subway Surfers

May, 14

Added 50+ Games (Thank you ThatOnePerson!)

May, 13

Added gimme the airpod

May, 12

Added 1v1, made by Elijah Added Big Tower Tiny Square Set tab spacing to 2 on index

May, 10

Added CircloO

May, 6

Added Wolfenstein 3D Added Hextris Fixed issue with Eaglercraft not working

May, 5

New discord link:

May, 4

My discord account was hacked by some people, and the discord server was deleted. I have reached out to discord suppport and hopefully I can restore it. I will keep you all posted on this issue!

Added Eaglercraft (credit to LAX1DUDE)

May, 3

First update of May! For the people who are doing the rift, you all have been making great progress!

Added Grindcraft

Apr, 29

Added BlooketUI Added back Holy Unblocker Update Rift

Apr, 28

Added Sort The Court Updated rift

Apr, 27

Added Just One Boss

Apr, 26

Added You are Jeff Bezos Added Backrooms Added Push the Square Added more sounds to the soundboard (again)

Apr, 25

Added 30.mp3 Added Game inside a Game Updated green text Added more sounds to the soundboard

Apr, 23

Added Smash Karts

Apr, 22

Added Moto X3M Winter Update green text

Apr, 21

Added more sounds to Soundboard Added about:blank embed bookmarklet (Thanks fo-od!) Added stopwatch bookmarklet (Thanks BluePotato!)

Apr, 19

Fixed issue with ads showing on Tunnel Rush

Apr, 8

Added more bookmarklets Added Moto X3M Pool Party Added The Final Earth Added Moto X3M Spooky Land

Apr, 7

Added more info to

Apr, 6

Fun fact! was unblocked for me (Echo)!!! Lets gooooooo! Also on the Discord we played Among Us (in chat) with rigged voting, alot of imposters, and me (Echo) screwing up the game! Make sure to join the Discord to do weird thing like this!!!

Added World's Hardest Game Added Tube Jumpers Added Papery Planes Added Cell Machine Removed BitLife (the limit popup cant be fixed)

Apr, 4

Added Mario Added CSGO Clicker

Apr, 3

Added Bloxors

Mar, 30

My mom did not notice :)

Added Super Mario 64

Mar, 26

I brought my gaming laptop to school. AGAIN!

Added Getaway Shootout

Mar, 25

Added Heroku website deployment method

Mar, 23

Added Factory Balls Forever Added Madalin Stunt Cars 3

Mar, 22

Added Duck Life 4 Added 2 Added Rolly Vortex Added contributors to site under dump tab ( Improved projects tab because it was starting to look bad (see if you can notice the changes in the projects tab)

Mar, 21

Added Deal or No Deal (flash game, thank ruffle!) Added ability to deploy using (Check main file) Fixed issue where when you opened a feature request it did not assign the label.

Mar, 18

Added Defend the Tank Added Tanuki Sunset Fixed error with Tab Cloak icon not loading on the comments page.

Mar, 17

Added The Lost Ball Added Geometry Dash

Mar, 15

Just quick little note, I will be going to the beach tomarrow so expect updates to be delayed.

Added Soldier Legend Added Moto X3M

Mar, 14

Added Cannon Basketball 4 Added about:blank embedder. (look in misc section on homepage)

Mar, 13

Thank you u4pak and Piplup7575 for joining the team! Updates will come sooner now that we have 3 people working!

Added SUPERHOT Added Exo Scrap Metal 3 Changed so that the title of the projects is white instead of black *it looks better* Made it so wordle can be installed as a PWA Remade Google Snake to a way better version *pretty much the real thing!*

Mar, 12

Long time no see! Here are some amazing updates!

Added Wordle Added Madalin Stunt Cars 2 Added Ducklife

Mar, 8

Added TAB CLOAK!!! --> Added a better minesweeper (thx u4pak!) Added BitLife Added bookmarklet hack to bookmarklets list. Added Cut the rope: holiday gift Fixed a bug with comment box Fixed bug with some images not loading on projects list. Removed people.txt, it was to hard to maintain.

Mar, 2

Added Vex 6 Added Edge not found

Mar, 1

Added back comment box! (please do not abuse it) Added solitaire.

Feb, 28

Added Google snake! Fixed Error with HexGL not working.

Feb, 24

So yeah, today I brought my home computer to school. It is a gaming laptop but not that big. Hopefully my mom does not notice :)

Added Cubefield Added Doodle Jump Added HexGL Added Flappy 2048 (hardest game ever) Added There is no game Added Stack Updated cookie clicker from v2.021 to v2.031

Feb, 23

Added Push your luck, suggestion by nicolasog12!

Feb, 22

Happy TWOsday! Haha

Added Vex 4 Added Vex 3 Add back tetris icon for project menu (thx u4pak!)

Feb, 21

Added Cut the rope Added Cut the rope: Time Travel Added Zombs Royale Added Vex 5 Added people.txt Revamp the comment box, will re-enable soon-ish Fixed issue of Tetris not working. Updated green text (again)

Feb, 16

Added Tank Trouble 2 Added more sounds to the soundboard

Feb, 14

Happy Valentines day for those how celebrate it!

Changelog page! Pog! Updated the "green text" on the homepage.